The weight is getting heavier . . .

and its a good thing! Todays physiotherapy session was unquestionably and convincingly confidence inspiring. It primarily involved testing and evaluation. The purpose, to establish quantitative limits.

I can’t deny being pleased. Outside of the overhead lifting, The numbers were especially encouraging. Tests involved pulling, pushing, lifting a crate from the floor and placing a crate on an overhead shelf. First up, pulling, gave the largest number. After doing 10 repetitions of pulling a bar attached at each end by cable  to a weight stack, the limit was set at 140 lbs. A similar arrangement was used to determine the push limit at 110 lbs. A milk crate filled with an increasing quantity of dumbbells and assorted weights yielded an 80 lb limit for picking objects from the floor. The same crate and a pair of 15 lb dumbbells were used to determine a 30 lb overhead restriction. All exercises were performed for 10 repetitions with the limit weight.

I was only surprised by the effort involved to perform the overhead lifts. Before I finished half the repetitions, I was struggling to keep my back in a neutral curve and avoid letting it protrude to the back. Definitely part of the problem is the rapid rate my shoulders fatigued from the effort.

Next week I see the doctor again.

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