Steph Davis – High Infatuation

Do you imagine yourself on El Cap, but have no idea what it’s about? Would you like to get some idea of what it takes to climb huge scary walls and icy mountains? Steph Davis’s 224 page paperback is a delightful read that details all aspects of a life madly obsessed with climbing rock, snow and ice worldwide. The book follows her career as a dirtbag climber from her first chance encounter with climbing in to the first female ascent of the Salathe Wall in 2005.  From the entertaining anecdotes of how she lived out of the back of her pickup truck to the emotions of a running belay in Patagonia, there is something interesting on every page.

I really enjoyed High Infatuation. It provides insight into the magnitude of and preparations necessary for,  big wall adventures. It sheds light on the reality of what adventure travel really entails outside the glorious moments on summits and excitement of exploring uncommon destinations. The best part is that Ms Davis and her companions are fleshed out into people of character and emotion, rather than the icons of ascent and incomprehensible physical accomplishment we see them as in visual social media.

High Infatuation is widely available, in print and online. Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, iTunes in the US only: iTunes Canada lists it as unavailable, Barnes & Noble, and Indigo.

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