It’s not a secret, we are all aging. I’ve tried to keep it a secret from myself for several decades. Does one want to die without accomplishments? No, I don’t want to die without accomplishments that feel like accomplishments!  Aging is only a part of this though. It’s also about climbing, adventure, risk taking and what it feels like to move out of one’s comfort zone.

This is developing out of a crazy idea I vocalized while out cragging one afternoon. A few days later, my enthusiastic and encouraging partner made a point of asking me to elaborate on my intentions in front of a few friends. In a blink, the silly notion had taken root. I found myself questioned for details.

Its not too late, to choose an about face and abandon this less than half baked scheme, is it?  Should I wait a few more decades to allow father time an uncontested victory? The truth is my trend has been to chose challenges with little chance of failure. Isn’t it time to dare a challenge with no certainty of success? The time to act will never improve. Commit or regret? I must commit!

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